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Misty rains, running clouds, dew sprinkled grass and green dressed mountains…. Isn’t this an absolute beautiful sight? Yes, I got an opportunity to experience this bliss with Bangalore Trekking club (BTC) on 72th Independence Day, August 15, 2018! This paradise is known as Ramadevara Betta at Kyathsandra, Bangalore. Bangalore is known for its amazing cool weather and you will certainly find peaceful places on the outskirts of this city, despite the chaos within the city.

3 organizers and a new set of 35 friends started this excited journey at around 07:45 am from the Magestic railway station. The journey ran a marathon with the most interesting and funny introductions! It never felt to be in an unknown group as everyone gelled along so well! In an hour’s time we reached Kyathsandra station and walked our route amidst the village towards the base.

The hill was flocked with clouds and the weather just seemed perfect! As most of the participants were beginners, with a few set of instructions and do’s and don’ts from the organizers we all were thrilled to trek this hill with loads of eagerness and excitement! Our way up was accompanied with fresh pure breeze, lush greenery all around and the beautiful flower colors spilled by nature! What a mesmerizing sight it was!!! We completed our half journey by admiring the surroundings, extending help to each other and clutching our hands with the wet soil.

This journey seemed really tiring only until we saw an amazing base sight with coolest lotus ponds and rocks awaiting for us! We all were floating in the clouds and the feeling was breathe holding! With immense pride and a patriotic spirit we flared the India flag and of course the pictures with it go unsaid!

Imagine a feast with 30+ variety of food! Yes, this is what we enjoyed the most, our Potluck lunch! Everyone together shared and ate delicious food ensuring not to litter the place at all! Post lunch we explored the base further discovering deepest cracks and slits in the rock!

After spending sometime up and experiencing the rain hide and seek we began our journey downwards! The rains had made this descend further more interesting as the path was slippery. Our organizers ensured that each of us reached back to the base safely! On reaching the Kyatsandra station our feedback session was accompanied by hot tea and coffee and some really hot chilli vadas!

It was one of the most splendid experiences we all had and the most admired part was the way the organizers maintained the discipline and decorum of the group without compromising on the fun element! Kudos to Veera, Kamal and Amol! You guys rock!
On reaching our destination back we bid adieu to each other with a hope to meet back soon on another trek with BTC!

Written By:      Ketki Saindane
Organized By:  Kamal Tanwani, Veera B & Amol Saindane
Date of event: 15 August 2018
Place:              Ramadevara Betta
Pictures:          BTC FB Page

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