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Trek to Kudremukh

This was my first monsoon trek and one of the memories to cherish. Our journey started Friday night around 11 p.m. with a group of 11 in a Tempo Traveler. We then had a quick itinerary from our organizer and an introduction from all the participants.
Saturday morning around 6:00 a.m. we have reached the place Bellagal. From there we have to trek for about 6 kms with our luggage on. 

It was a scenic walk, and we had the first view of kudremukh peak. We trekked till rajagowda house, Mullodi, the last home in the village and the homestay nearest to the kudremukh base. 

We then freshened up, had breakfast (Kaduvu: the rice balls) and took packed lunch with us. We started our trek for first day. It was a mesmerizing view throughout our trail. Though it was not a complete monsoon season, we did have a view of lush green landscapes. The best part of the day was the no.of fruits (Black Jamoon, Guava, Mangoes, Orange, and Jackfruit) we had during our trial, many thanks to Sridhar garu, who has initiated the task.


Around 4 we reached the homestay and then went to the waterfalls which was about half a kilometer from our homestay. We spent about an hour in the falls and then headed back to homestay. Before we freshen, there was a small Yoga session by our Organizer Hiren, indeed it was Rain Yoga :D. We then freshened up and had snacks (hot pakodas) and tea. 

We chit chatted and shared few of our trek experiences and also few horror stories till dinner time. At 8:30 p.m we had our dinner.

Saturday morning as soon as we reached the homestay we came to know that forest department had limited the number of people to trek kudremukh peak and it was only 50. So, we had decided to wake up early in the next morning in order to not miss the kudremukh trek. Organizers (Hiren and Veera) and volunteer (Umesh Naik) had reached the base point at 4::45 a.m. All other participants had reached the base by 6:00 a.m. There were already trekkers waiting before us. It was nevertheless than a refugee camp :D. Even after our planning we were not able to do the peak, as there was a group of 45 already at the base from 3:00 a.m. in the morning. There was still an option for us to trek, as the organizers said they would drop, but we as BTCians would not let go of any of the group members. So, we decided to explore together a completely different place and it was a near by peak. 


By 8 a.m. we packed our luggage, had breakfast, packed our lunch boxes and started to Bellagal in the jeep till our Tempo Traveler. From there we headed  towards peak. This peak is lesser known in the Kudremukh range however it has the mesmerizing natural beauty. Half the way of the trial was in the forest with leaches around (Not to forget our important guests in monsoon treks: D) we took a break in between after the forest path and then reached the peak where we had our lunch. The best lunch spot one can ever have, with the 360 degrees view of the breathtaking landscape. 

After lunch, we started our way back. Even though I had about 6 leech bites, enjoyed every moment of the trek. This trek was 7 kms so we reached the base back by 4 p.m. we then went to the river Badra which was nearby the peak. The water resource was not too deep, so non-swimmers were also able to have fun. By 5 p.m. we started back to Bangalore. In between, we had snacks and tea break. We stopped at the Annapurneshwari template, horanadu for dinner. And then continued our journey back to Bangalore.


Though our destination was initially Kudremukh. unplanned trek was also a scenic tail. It never disappointed us.

Big thanks to the Organizers Hiren and Veera for organizing this trek and to all the participants in the trek without whom this trek would not have been this enthusiastic. With these memories, we had a great start to the weekday.

Written By          :  Nikitha Raj
Organised By       : Hiren & Veera
Date of Event      : 2-3 June 2018
Place                   : Kudremukh
Pics                     : Facebook Album

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