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Trek to Ramdevara Betta

Gearing up

We 28 BTC'ians gathered together in Majestic Railway station to catch the 56515 train to Kyathsandra by 7.15am on 7th July Saturday Morning .Kyathsandra Railway Station is nearly 60kms from bangalore.Train Started by 7.55am with 10min delay from station.We had a introductory session in train by playing dumb charades and didn't realise the travel time until we reached khyatsandra railway station after 1.5hours of journey.After deboarding train we walked towards the main Road to have breakfast from a restaurant

After finishing our breakfast (Idly,Dosa,Tea & Coffee),We headed towards railway station from where we started our journey to trek

Journey Begins

We started our walk from Khyatsandra Railway station towards the base of the trek,which might be nearly half a kilometre
At the Base of the trek,we had a regular instruction session from our organiser's and a group photo session

We started our trek around 10.30am ,targeting to reach peak in 2 hours and ascend by 2.30pm from the top.Weather was pleasant and initial stretch of trek was very easy one,almost through a flat terrain
After almost a 15 minutes of walking, terrain has changed to thorny bushes & Rocks and inclination also changed .We took breaks in between for rest,photo session and for gathering together.Since there was no wind and was slightly humid i was feeling tired and thirsty after an hour of trek.Thankfully someone had offered me a buttermilk which was a great relief for me and gave energy to reach till peak

We have seen only very few people other than our group in this path and i felt this as a less explored path

After 1.50 hours of hiking we reached the peak by 12.00pm.Peak which offered a panoramic view was a complete surprise for me.The pond on the top,rocky surface,closer clouds gave a splendid view and the heavy breeze gave a soothing feeling

                                                     View from top
                                          Old Shiva Temple on the peak
                                               Another view from top

After relaxing for 1 hour ,we assembled for a pot luck lunch.We shared our food,bread,jam,uppuma,pasta,tomato rice,fruits...list goes on...

After enjoying our food,we got into another final round of photo session 


After 2 hours of relaxation,food and photo session,we decided to start our Descend.Weather had changed and there was signs of rain.After a 5 minutes walk of our down trail ,rain started pouring in.We put our rain coats,covered our bags and continued our descend
Path became very slippery and dangerous.We took help of each other throughout to reach back to the base safely by 4.00pm and reached railway station by another 20 minutes walk.Our scheduled train time was 4.30pm and we waited for that in platform munching our snacks and chitchatting

Journey Ends

We boarded our train back to Bangalore and in 1.5 hours of return journey we spent our time discussing about our work life and travel & trekking experiences.Overall expenditure per head was Rs.100/- and we paid and settled to our organiser's. Few of us deboarded in Yeshwanthpur and other's in Majestic Railway station.We bid Goodbye to each other with good memories and in a hope of meeting again in another expedition

BTC has organised this trek in a very good manner without any flaws and thanks to Hiren and Parth for that.
This trek was an easy one and ideal for beginners,Elevation was 1253m and total trekking distance 5.16km.I used A-GPS app for these measurements.There is no drinking water,food or wash room facility on the trail.

As a personal note ,I felt very proud to see my 6 year old daughter completing this trek

With a note of this,iam concluding my blog with the sweet memories

Kala Nikhil

Written By          :  Kala Nikhil
Organised By       : Hiren & Parth
Date of Event      : 7 July 2018
Place                   : Kyatasandra
Pics                     : Facebook Album
Original Blog        : http://kalanikhil.blogspot.com/p/journey-begins.html

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