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Smile and Happiness.. A free Medical Camp in B-Tanda Village

Yes it is!! A smile speaks more than words. And the picture says it all. Event was organized on 'Saturday the 13th' but preparation started from 12th only! As Deepthy mentioned in her mail that we may not find descent hotels, so be prepared. I asked my mom can she prepare 15-20 chapatis and I will help her in doing that. She said yes and next morning we both prepared Panneer curry and Chapatis.

I and Sandeep decided to go in Rajesh's Car as we were staying very close to his place. And my other BTC friends were in Majestic as planned to come in KSRTC bus.

First we 3 reached the Anganwadi kendra at Yellodu and called Deepthy, she said she is on the way and may reach in next 10 minutes. We were so happy that we were on time and can give a warm welcome to Deepthy and her fellow Doctors. So mean while we started taking some pics. Then after 20 minutes of time we didn't find anybody from BTC approaching to that place and asked some villagers over there about the medical camp and every time we got the replay as 'NO'. Then somehow we got to know that actual place we need to reach is 'B.Tanda' and there are many Tanda's with intials A, B, C ... etc.  

We reached the actual destination at 10:10AM and by that time Deepthy with her Doctors and nursing staff were already reached the place and started arranging the things. And some 15-20 villagers were already waiting for us to get their turn fast. After some time I heard one auto sound coming towards our medical camp center and I saw our remaining BTC friends reached the place. -Most of them were known faces :-) :-) :-).

Doctors: Deepthy, Rohith, Praveen.
Nursing Staff: Shrinivas, Subramani and Lakshmi Narayana.
BTC Members:  Deepthy Jagadish, Anil Kumar, Raja Raju, Juby Ulahannan, Sonali Patnaik, Sandeep Paul, Hiren Jobanputra, Sreemoyee Malakar, Sasikumar Swamikkannu, Praveen Soni, Yogini maindola, Omprakash, Rajesh and last but not least Gaurav Kamath ;-)
We started our process as planned, so the plan was Juby will do the Registration, Hiren to check the BP and Pulse rate, Rajesh and Raja will take the medicine from store w.r.t the prescription, myself to cross verify the medicine and explain the same to villagers if Kannada Subtitle is needed, else Sonali was at her best to explain most of the villagers in preferred language as Telugu. Yogini to help old people to move around from one section to other. Sasi, Sreemoyee(Distributing chocolates to all the kids), Praveen, Anil and Omprakash to manage the crowd and help them. Sandeep to take the snaps :-D

Villagers came in good numbers and the camp was going very good. With an awesome support from villagers and very enthusiastic children's. We were feeling happy to give our best in getting smile in each individuals face. But seeing some people, we were also in some mixed feelings. But everything went nice and we did our best in providing free health checkup and Medicines for more than 130 people. With lots of sooper excited kids, who gave us good support and Guava's. The process went around till 1:30 PM. After this we had a small photo session, cycle ride and then we decided to have our Lunch but Villagers had an awesome surprise for us!! They have prepared Vegetable Biriyani with Raitha and Pickle. Before they get food, me and Hiren started distributing one chapathi and little bit of Panneer curry to everyone. I hope everyone liked it. Later everyone had the Hot and Yummy Biriyani.
Everyone finished their lunch and we started distributing cadbury silk, chocolates, biscuits etc.. And then our photo session continued with some PJ's and some fun moments.

Since we were well ahead of time, we decided to go to nearby temple called Lepakshi, Which is 15-20KM far from that village. We reached Lepakshi temple, had a good time over there, had some photo shoots and then we reached a chai shop there we had the feedback session and greeted each other again and said bye bye!!

Thank you all for your wonderful support and everything. 

Written By     : Gaurav Kamath
Organized By : Dr. Deepthy Jagadjish
Date of event: 13 Sept, 2014
Place            : B-Thanda, Chikballapur
Pictures        : BTC FB Page

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