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Day Trek to Achalu Betta on 28th Oct 2017

20 unknown people, and lot of memories to be made by the end of the trek. Life is always meant for good friends and great adventures. This week’s destination was to “Achalu betta”. 20 adventurous souls met at KR Market and got into a KSRTC bus, right, right chalo achalu, the journey started. After a hour of travel, started the intro walk, which was fun. Though I trek regularly, I always meet a new bunch of trekkers in all my treks, and trying to guess their names out is always a fun.

The village from where we started the trek

A fun filled 2 hour journey bought us to the base of the hillock. The peak looked like a monolith and as we entered the achalu village, there came villagers to scare us by telling there is an elephant and a cheetah in and around the hillock. Ignoring their words, we moved to the base, there were poking looks by villagers, looking at us as though we were aliens on earth. Finding the start of the trek was quite a difficult task as the trail was new for all of us. Got hold of some trail and moved in assuming it to be the correct path. Some search by the organizers to find the way uphill and then we followed them, but the path was not that easy. There were overgrown bushes, prickly thorns, and path blocking bamboos and boulders, it had it all. It was no less for an adventure time. Here and there pic stops and water stops and yes exploring to reach the peak. There is an idol of lord Nandi at the hilltop and I was constantly trying to spot that out and all my efforts in vain. Finally, there came a spot where many were tired and wanted to start with the lunch. A few wanderlust souls wanted to reach the peak, so 5 of us set our foot in search of the peak. Alas! There it was, the peak was just 100 to 150m metres from the rest spot. [Learning: Never stop or back off from your goals, when you have put your maximum efforts to achieve your goals you are definite to achieve it. It might take a few seconds extra that’s it and you are there enjoying the success] the same was the happiness in me when I spotted the Nandi idol. There was a small pond which was filled with the monsoon rains, and yippee there were cute lotus flowers blooming and waiting to welcome us.
Finding way to peak

The cute little pond with pretty lotus in and around
Go Pro take a photo (view from peak)

The peak had a perfect view, there were many hillocks popping here and there, lush green farms, coconut trees and the ambiance of the village atmosphere. What else would you expect after 5 days of hectic work? Found some cool place to have lunch, potluck it was, from puliyogre to fried rice to upma to apples and oranges a taste of all and all were full. After such a heavy lunch, some entertainment was a must, so here goes the game “ping pong”. Explaining the rules itself had created a lot of fun and playing the game was no less, hidden talents were out. From dancing to singing to dialogues we had it all. Those tapanguchi steps, adding in tunes for twinkle twinkle, all I can say is entertainment entertainment entertainment !!. Back to Photography, clicking some group picks and finally time to descend down. 
Group Pic Time
Grand view from the peak

Lucky enough, we could find some local kids, who helped us in getting down by showing the correct path, and this path was so clear that any vehicle could pass on this trail. [Learning : Of all paths we take is life a few needs to be on dirt and adventurous. This helps in learning new things and facing unknown conditions yet we can achieve]. These kids were so awesome, they were so happy by just seeing their pics clicked even knowing that there is no way they could get those photographs. Happy to see them Happy. Having the feedback session at the base we moved to have some snacks and got into the bus back to namma Bengaluru.
Our guides

The return journey was no less entertaining, such an energetic group. Here ends yet another beautiful journey in my life with a lot of new friends and yes lot of learning as well. Cheers to BTC.

Written By      : Sneha Reddy
Organized By  : DG & Amol
Date of event  : 28th Oct, 2017
Place              : Achalu Betta
Pictures          : FB Album

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